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Office Lens Review


Amy Morton / 09 Feb 2018

Microsoft has rejuvenated its efforts in giving a fierce competition to its competitors with its Office Lenses application. This application makes it easy to convert the Android and iOS devices into a scanner. It is useful for converting images to PowerPoint, PDF or Word and save it to the local device, OneNote or OneDrive.

It can be used for trimming and enhancing so that the images of printed documents and whiteboards, sticky notes, business cards, etc. become readable. Microsoft has added better and more impressive features to its earlier version, and the new and improved version is ready to give fierce competition to apps like Evernote.

Interface 4/5

Once this application is installed in the device, it asks permission to access the camera. Then, when the user opens the application, it starts in the camera mode. Then, it allows the user to click on pictures of the documents, whiteboards, sticky notes, photos, etc.

Once the camera captures the image, a screen appears with the options for saving, deleting or cropping the image. The user can save the image by renaming it at the destination of his/her choice - OneNote or OneDrive and in any format - PowerPoint, PDF or Word. By default, the images do get saved in the gallery.

This application is ideal for scanning business cards instead of investing in a card scanner. Office Lenses can also be used on the existing images in the photo gallery. Whiteboard mode removes shadows and distortions and throws a high-contrast image.

Features 5/5

Office Lenses is like having a portable scanner in your pocket. It comes with some fantastic features:

  • By using the Whiteboard option, it can clean up the shadows and glares of the images and projects a high-resolution image;
  • The users can trim and color the images perfectly by using the Document mode;
  • By default, the images get stored in the gallery, but the users can choose to save it in OneDrive or OneNote;
  • The users also have a choice of saving the image in the desired format - PowerPoint, PDF or Word;
  • The scanner is handy to scan business cards; this option is ideal for storing the cards in an organized manner, so they are never lost. The scanner works best with English, Spanish, Chinese and German languages;
  • It is a highly productive tool, especially at business meetings or classrooms to capture whiteboards, notes or handouts;
  • Pictures can be clicked and saved for later reference, even when the user is offline;
  • It helps in organizing documents, research notes, receipts, etc. so the users can search and find it in OneNote.

Usability 5/5

It is a highly user-friendly application. This app is most useful in brainstorming sessions since it can capture the image perfectly and can be later used for reference. This is a great application to have if one is travelling or meeting clients as it can be used for scanning business cards.

It automatically saves all images to OneDrive, so there is no need to save them every time manually. It saves a lot of time for the users because they don’t have to worry about losing an important note or receipt. They just need to scan it, and it organizes on its own, thus allowing the users to get back to it at their convenience. 

Compatibility 4/5

It is a free application by Microsoft and requires an Android 4.4 version and up. It also requires permission to access the camera, storage and internet connection. The system requirements for PC’ s and phones are Windows 10 or higher. It also requires an integrated camera.

It supports iOS device, Mac or PC. For iPads, iPhones and iPod’s, it uses the rear camera for capturing images.

The Bottom Line

Office Lenses is a handy application from Microsoft. It is a free tool that comes with some great features. It is helpful in improving productivity at office and school where you don’t have to write everything down. Just capture the image and get back to it later for reference!

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