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Minecraft Review


Amy Morton / 11 Mar 2020

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Minecraft is a sandbox survival game that introduces you to its open world. Along with survival mode where you have to survive against predators and disasters, there is a creative mode, all about building and crafting.

Gameplay Overview

It’s a first-person adventure in the world made of blocks. Marooned an island, you start with your bare hands and craft yourself your first primitive tools and weapons, and then a simple hut. Then you learn to craft better tools and weapons, rebuild your household, domesticate animals and plants and even breed new species.

In creative mode, you have all the time and all the blocks to make your locations and objects. Minecrafters have recreated most favorite buildings and even town blocks of the world, from cathedrals to universities. Fictional places from fantasy or sci-fi movies and shows are also popular objects to build for their fans. In the quarantine time, Minecraft also becomes a place for online meetings.

Graphics Quality

It was a forced decision to make the world look so square back in the early 2010s, but now it looks like a feature. This style is impossible to imitate, though many tries. The music is a special sort of pleasure. The electronic lounge albums recorded for Minecraft are masterpieces in their own right.


Minecraft can be replayed endlessly. In Survival mode, it generates new landscapes and sets new ordeals on you. But in Creative mode, it gives you the endless freedom to combine elements and make the world yours. It’s this mode that makes Minecraft the meme it is.


The game is available for every active platform in the world, from consoles to Tesla cars, including desktops and mobile devices. So it utilizes touch inputs, gamepad, or keyboard and mouse, depending on what you use to play. The idea is common throughout (WASD or left joystick to move, mouse or right joystick to watch, buttons to interact, and so on), so it’s easy to switch a device if you need to.

A Digital Reply to LEGO

Most video games are about destruction and violence; Minecraft is about construction and cooperation. Isn’t that another reason it is so popular for? Anyway, its freedom and unique style made it one of the defining games of the decade.

Highly rated for:

  • Endless worlds to explore;
  • Unique pixelized visual style;
  • Its Creative mode is an art.


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