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Microsoft Word Review


Amy Morton / 15 Feb 2018

The popular Microsoft Word from your desktop system or laptops is now available on your mobile devices. It allows you to create, view, or even edit your Word Documents easily. With the help of this app, you can also share your documents via various mediums. If there are any documents attached to your emails, you can view or even edit them with the help of this app.

Interface 5/5

When it comes to the interface of Microsoft Word, it is quite neat and simple. There are various buttons that have been strategically placed on the interface of the app thereby ensuring that they are easy to access. There is a Ribbon that rests on the top of the app. It holds some of the most important features and functionalities. There is a file menu button that carries other important features and functionalities. On the whole, the interface of the Microsoft Word App is somewhat similar to its desktop version but with less stuffing of the functions. 

Features 5/5

The app is jam-packed with oodles of essential features that ensure the document viewing, creating and, editing is an easy affair.

Apart from word documents, the app allows you to view PDF documents with ease. In fact, if you wish to edit your PDF, you can use the app to convert your PDF file into word document. Once done with the editing, you can again convert the word file or save the same file in PDF extension. 

There is an essential collaboration function of the application that you can leverage to team up with your friends. Use this feature to edit a word document simultaneously on a real-time basis. With the same feature, you can even revert to have a look at the earlier drafts of the same file. The app allows you to highlight the text, change its colour, insert a table, and much more. Once you are happy with what you have created, you can either save the file on your phone/tablet or directly share it over email. There is also an integrated Cloud Service in the app which allows you to save your files on OneDrive personal, OneDrive or Dropbox.

Usability 5/5

The Microsoft Word App holds a topmost position in the minds of the people when it comes to creating, editing or viewing a word document. You can use the app for making impactful text document and content. Be it scripts, blogs, articles or letters, you can use the app to create them all. In fact, you can even use the app to add pictures to the document. Apart from all the formal documents, you can also create brochures, magazines, pamphlets, etc. with the help of the built-in templates

Compatibility 5/5

The app works smoothly on all the Smartphones and Tablets that are powered by Android. Those mobile devices that are powered by Windows support the app too. You can even have the app on your mobile devices that are powered by iOS. On the whole, the app has been made responsive to function properly on each and every device.

The Bottom Line

Microsoft Word App is a one-stop solution to view, edit, and create text documents. The plethora of features, functions, and templates make the work all the more hassle-free. Be it an office document or your academic project, deal with it in the Microsoft Word App.

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