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Microsoft Excel Review


Julie Ellis / 15 Feb 2018

The popular spreadsheet app, Microsoft Excel lets you create, edit, view, and even share your Excel sheets with others quickly and in a hassle-free way. The app lets you work with anyone and anywhere on tasks related to accounting, finance, auditing, etc. Now implement the most complex formulas easily with the help of this amazing app.

Interface 5/5

The Microsoft Excel app follows a dark green colour theme just like its desktop or laptop version. The interface of the app is clean and minimal. Because the app is all about telling a story with your data, it has been ensured that there is no overstuffing of the options that clutter the interface. There are plenty of features like charts, graphs, etc. for the visual representation of the data. These options come in multiple colours and the same makes the interface quite colourful and lively. The rows and columns have been developed strategically so as to ensure that there is no ‘mistapping’ by the users.

Features 5/5

The app boasts of some great features and robust formatting tools that make the task of data entry and analysis a breeze. Right from enabling you to build spreadsheets to the proper organization of the same, the app lets you do it all. 

To further organize your data, there are features such as sort, filters, etc.  You can even duplicate the existing worksheet, hide it or even unhide it. For the visual representation of your data, there are plenty of options such as bar graphs, pie charts, etc.

You can even make notes in the app and highlight the part of your worksheet along with creating various shapes on it. There is an interesting feature called mathematic equation. You can use it for an in-depth analysis of your recorded data. The app allows you to share your files with others so that they can edit, view or leave comments on them.

Usability 5/5

You can use the app for a variety of purposes. The app comes handy when there is a need to organize a pool of data. Apart from merely organizing the data in rows and columns, you can use the app to analyze your data. Use the app if you wish to visually represent your data in the form of graphs and charts. The app also finds its use for the users who are looking forward to making a report based on the data collected. Various other options, for instance, multiple sheets, cloud saving, etc. make the app all the more useful.

Compatibility 5/5

The app is compatible with the Smartphones and Tablets that are powered by the Android operating system. Apart from working well with the Android OS, the app also works seamlessly on the devices that are powered by iOS. And of course, it works and is compatible with all the mobile devices that are supported by Windows operating system.

The Bottom Line

Leverage the power of Microsoft Excel App to organize your data and analyze the same. Now create, view, edit, and share the spreadsheets with just a few touches. Make number crunching a hassle-free task with the formulas integrated into the app.

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