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Hello Neighbor Review


Amy Morton / 25 Aug 2019

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Hello Neighbor is a survival stealth game where you play as a curious kid exploring the house of the suspicious Neighbor. You need to get inside past all the traps and check what’s going on there. It’s one of the most popular and influential games of the decade.

Gameplay Overview

The story begins when a little boy, the protagonist, notices his neighbor lock someone in the basement and cries out. It takes a lot for the curious child to get inside and through and not get caught by the house owner. If he catches you, the game is over. You, in your turn, can pick various objects and use them to get further into the house.

While you’re sneaking in, you can hide under beds or in closets to stay unnoticed. The Neighbor’s twisted mind invented incredible traps and puzzles, so everyday logic won’t help you through. Try to think like a psycho to play it!

Graphics Quality

Like most survival horrors, it’s a 3D first-person adventure. You see the events through the eye of a kid. No wonder everything is exaggerated, and the Neighbor himself is a mustached devilish maniac. The music combines jolly and creepy tunes. As for sounds, they matter; listening close, you can detect where the Neighbor is approaching from.


The most impressive thing about Hello Neighbor is its AI. It learns from each of your attempts, and if you try to repeat your venture, you will have to face new traps on your old path. Another feature is a very twisted logic the Neighbor uses in his house to set up traps and locks. On the other hand, the game has brought to life a large community ready to share its experience. But you better not youtube your way through until you’re exhausted.


As the game has been published for consoles, desktops, and mobile devices, it supports gamepads, touch controls, and keyboard-and-mouse sets. If your device supports multiple inputs, you can select any. It doesn’t actually affect your efficiency, as any input type is based on standard combinations.


Not as new as it used to be after the release, Hello Neighbor still has its strong community. There is also a prequel named HN: Hide and Seek and a multiplayer spinoff named Secret Neighbor. It all builds up a fan world worth exploring.

Highly rated for:

  • Especially tricky gameplay;
  • Creepy and expressive visual style;
  • Large community that created a rich lore about the game universe.

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