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Grand Theft Auto V Review


Amy Morton / 04 Jun 2020

Grand Theft Auto V is an action game designed by Rockstar North. When it comes to campaigning and exploring San Andreas alone, the PC version is superior to its console counterparts. As a reward for waiting, the developers have issued an almost flawless edition with prettier graphics, excellent optimization and a sensible video editor. Controlling helicopters and airplanes using the keyboard is far from ideal, but this is not a critical and easily solved problem.


The recoil from the weapon is almost not felt in the game, and the heroes demonstrate phenomenal accuracy, but you need to aim with “pixel” accuracy. It is more convenient to do this with a mouse, which eliminates unnecessary difficulties in opposition.

In the editor, made especially for the PC version, you can create your own films from the clips recorded during the passage. There are also various image filters and other useful functions. You can add wacky effects and have a variety of characters act out scenes you have invented. Of course, it is allowed to share the results of creativity and upload them to the Youtube service.


Even at maximum settings, the PC version does not knock you down, if you are personally familiar with the PS4 or Xbox One edition. Nevertheless, the drawing distance has been increased, and the picture pleases with clarity. In addition, the authors tightened up the effects and shadows. Switching between the three protagonists is almost instantaneous. Loading of environment elements happens, but rarely and does not strike the eye.

Replay Value

Unfortunately, as soon as you get to planes and helicopters, joy gives way to grief. Management of these vehicles is not implemented in the best way. There is no need to talk about the accuracy and convenience of control. But without the skills of an experienced pilot and the ability to maneuver quickly, the campaign cannot be completed. 


The car controls and many mini-games are well adapted to the keyboard and mouse. Driving full speed through traffic, police ATV chases over rough terrain or participating in street races are no problem. Combat also, unsurprisingly, feels great under the standard PC control method. The first person mode is now even more fun. 


This game amuses with hilarious conversations of characters and funny talk shows on radio stations, makes you shiver from the demonstration of mores in the gangster community without cuts, and feel sympathy for not the most righteous heroes. Against the background of many modern projects that try to justify the lack of content with updated graphics or a couple of "fresh" ideas, Grand Theft Auto V looks like titanium with an unattainable level of quality in working out important aspects.

Highly Rated For:

  • innovative graphics;
  • impressive drawing range of the environment;
  • excellent optimization;
  • a fun video editor that is easy to learn.


  • Action

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