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GoToMeeting – Video Conferencing & Online Meetings Review


Amy Morton / 12 Apr 2020

GoToMeeting is a program that will help you organize a video conference, webinar or business meeting online. It also lets you share your computer screen, make calls, use graph and shape drawing tools, record video calls, translate audio messages into text, and join open conferences. 


The GoToMeeting interface includes a webcam window, control buttons (microphone, camera, screen and conference exit), contact list, settings menu, and text chat. The last 3 options are on the top right toolbar. 

The screen is not overloaded with tools so you can fully concentrate on the meeting itself. Audio button is designed in two colors: green and red, showing you whether your sounds are transmitted or not. All the necessary options you need to use before the conference starts are located in the Settings menu. Here you can preview video from your camera and check the quality of audio.


The conference organizer can mute any of the participants, as well as invite new users and delete old contact information. To connect to the conference, just enter the ID number or copy the unique link from the organizer. The link can be sent by email or through an alternative messenger. Also, if desired, the organizer can grant extended rights (lecturer status) to another user from the list.


The application supports up to 250 video conferencing participants depending on the selected plan. Up to 25 user webcams can be displayed on one room screen. The whole meeting can be saved and recorded to your Cloud account. If you experience any problems with the video, you can simply join the meeting via an ordinary phone call.


The GoToMeeting program is used in conjunction with the cloud platform of the same name. So, to create a new room or web conference, you need to create an account with the service and install a desktop application. If the user does not need to organize his own conference, you can get by with the installation of the program, which by default, provides the function of connecting to open rooms using an identification number (ID).


GoToMeeting – Video Conferencing & Online Meetings is a perfect app for meeting people online with a vast number of features and several price options. The conferences are secure and easy to start. You won’t have to waste time figuring out how to host a chat or connect to the existing meeting.

Highly Rated For:

  • secure connection;
  • high quality audio;
  • one-click meetings.


  • Business

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