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Google Drive Review


Amy Morton / 12 Feb 2018

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Secure your documents and files by storing them on Google Drive, a cloud-based storage service from Google. With Google Drive, you can access your data from anywhere and anytime. Whether it’s your computer, smartphone, or tablet; Google Drive works seamlessly on all devices. The service facilitates enhanced accessibility and security of data. 

Interface – 4/5

The interface of Google Drive is responsive enough to adapt according to varying screen size. As you switch from a computer to a smartphone, the app design aligns itself to display content and functions in an organized manner. Moreover, navigating in Google Drive is utterly simple. 

On the left side, you would find all the crucial links. On the top-right side, you can access the Settings tab. The app allows you to change the View to a ListView or a GridView. On the top bar, you can access quick functions. The recent uploads are shown at the upper portion whereas other files and folders are placed on the lower portion. 

Features – 5/5 

At first instance, Google Drive will appear like a cloud service, and that’s it. But when you dive deeper, you get familiar with numerous features of Google Drive. The app allows you to upload all kind of files including mp3, mp4, PDF, Word doc, PowerPoint file, Excel sheet, and so on. You can upload a complete folder as well. The app allows you to take regular backups of your content on your local drive. Further, you can sync the cloud storage and local storage so that the data is transferred automatically. 

Further, you can access numerous apps from the Google Drive interface. These include Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Form, and much more. You can customize apps section to add or delete apps. You can moderate access with respect to editing, sharing, and viewing of files and folders. Share the files with your contacts instantly by either generating a shareable link or sending an invitation via email. 

Usability – 5/5

Google Drive offers immense usability to all the users. You don’t need to worry about losing your important or classified information because your local drive goes corrupt. Secure your content to Google Drive that offers enhanced accessibility and beefed up security. Share and get files and folders from anywhere and any device. 

Further, you can manage access levels as well. You can edit the files or create new files by utilizing apps on Google Drive. In addition to these, you can view files in offline mode or get them to your local drive. Synchronize local drive and Google Drive for regular back up of content without your involvement. 

Compatibility 4/5

Google Drive app is available for multiple operating systems and devices. The app works seamlessly irrespective of the screen size. You can manoeuvre Google Drive functionality effectively on both the smartphones and computers. The version of Google Drive varies according to the Android OS version and the screen size. Further, it incorporates various in-house apps and other apps for enhanced functionality. 

The Bottom Line

Initially, you will get 15 GB of free space on Google Drive. But if your requirement demands more, you can purchase subscriptions offered in Google Drive. Along with sharing and geting, Google Drive facilitates editing of files and synchronization between local storage and cloud storage.

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