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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review


Julie Ellis / 17 Feb 2021

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a 2020 game by a Mediatonic developer company that combines elements from several genres at once: battle royale, platformer, and arcade. This project has gained incredible popularity because of its concentrated fun and absurdity.


Suppose you are a fan of sports and entertainment series where players run to the finish line, overcoming the most insane obstacles. In that case, you will definitely love playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Its gameplay is very similar to such TV shows. Up to 60 players can participate in each session, whose task is to reach a checkpoint as soon as possible. On your way, you will encounter all kinds of obstacles in the form of slides, moving platforms, crossbars, etc. Those who managed to reach the finish line on time move on to the next round; the rest are out of the game. The session continues until one participant remains.


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout looks like kids' cartoons: everything here is very bright, juicy, and toylike. Players rush along the tracks in the form of clumsy humans dressed in ridiculous costumes of ballerinas, pirates, penguins, or dinosaurs. Despite the apparent simplicity, all elements look very stylish, and numerous skins and boosts make each participant unique. This cartoonish Battle Royale can be played with the whole family.

Replay Value

As with other multiplayer games, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout can be replayed multiple times, as the lineup will always be different. There are even mini-games here, in which you will have to team up with other users to win. In general, there are not so many levels, so after a while, you will learn all the tracks, and the game will bore you.


The controls in the game are as simple as possible, so even a beginner can handle them. By and large, you have a limited set of actions. You can run, jump, dive, and grab other players. You guide your character using a gamepad or keyboard; a mouse is needed only to control the camera.

Have Fun!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is your typical party game. Although there are no local servers here, you can still have a great time with your friends. Watching users dodging platforms, falling from bars, and lying helpless on the tracks in wacky costumes is really fun. We would rate this game 4 out of 5.

Highly Rated For:

  • lots of skins and accessories;
  • awesome cartoonish graphics;
  • atmosphere of total madness;
  • funny unrealistic physics.



  • Massively Multiplayer Games

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