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Collect: Save and share ideas Review


Julie Ellis / 22 Aug 2020

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Collect is an app for saving files and notes in a cloud drive. It is available on iOS, Android and desktop and allows you to create stylish boards with all sorts of content.

Interface: Nice Boards

The main idea of Collect is to store files in boards, the stylish analogs of folders. You can create different boards, customize their style and fill them with various content. The boards are highly customizable, so the visual part of the interface is mostly up to you. The fonts and the backgrounds are pretty modern and attractive, making the rest of the app look good as well. The navigation is rather average, however, as the app does not offer many options to sort and categorize the boards and files within these boards.

Features: Mixed Content

The app allows you to store all sorts of content on a cloud drive. This includes links, photos, videos, documents and many more. The great thing is that it is possible to save stuff to Collect from other apps, such an option appears after hitting the share button for most of the files. You can also configure the publicity settings for each of your boards to grant or block access to other users.

Usability: Easy to Use, But…

Collect is greatly designed and pretty easy to use. You will need only a few minutes to set up the app and create and customize your first board. Attaching files is also simple on all versions, but there is a little drawback. The app lacks some features for the categorization of boards and files, so the more you use it, the easier it becomes to get lost in it.

Compatibility: Fine Performance

The app works properly on most Android and iOS devices. It requires having Android 6.0 or higher and iOS 12.0 or later. You will also need to have around 50 MB of free space to install it. The developers update the app rather frequently, and the performance is pretty stable.

Conclusion: For Casuals 4/5

Collect is a great choice for those who do not intend to store a lot of information online and just need to have a little and stylish library of content because the additional space on the drive in Collect is paid and the categorization has issues.

Highly rated for:

  • Stylish and highly customizable boards;
  • Instant share from other apps;
  • Collaboration with other users.


  • Productivity

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