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Cisco Webex Meetings Review


Julie Ellis / 02 Sep 2020

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Cisco WebEx Meetings is an app for creating and visiting online conferences. It is available for Android and iOS and has more than 25 billion conferences held monthly.

Interface: Takes Some Time

Learning the interface of Cisco WebEx Meetings takes some time, as it is not so intuitive for some features. Visiting conferences is convenient and simple, and all the basic features like muting the microphone and toggling the camera are always available and easy to use, while the profound features are a bit less comfortable. The app is a powerful tool and will help you to save a lot of time, but it also takes some time to learn using it properly. The design is pretty great as it sets the right mood for working and does not distract you from meetings.

Features: Webinars, Conferences and More

The features are the most impressive part of this app, as WebEx has a lot to offer. You can host and create meetings with up to 200 people, share your screen, use virtual backgrounds, integrate the app with your calendar not to miss a meeting, set a widget to quickly access the app, and even control it with voice commands. The app is cross-platform, and there is a desktop version as well, which is a bit more convenient for hosting conferences.

Usability: Learn It

The usability is great when it comes to the basic features. Attending a conference is extremely simple and will not require any time to master for people who have ever used similar apps. As for the hosting, it is a bit trickier and less convenient, as there are more features in the same interface.

Compatibility: Very Compatible

The app is available for devices with Android 5.0 and higher and iOS 10.0 and later. It is compatible with a wide range of devices and runs properly, even on average models. The developers fix any discovered bugs rather quickly and update the app regularly.

Conclusion: Great for Business 4/5

The app is one of the best choices for business conferences and webinars available, as it offers both cross-platform use and high capacity of participants. It is rather powerful, despite being a little hard to learn at first.

Highly rated for:

  • All the necessary features for conferences;
  • High compatibility;
  • High capacity of 200 participants per meeting.


  • Business

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