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CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator Review


Amy Morton / 14 Feb 2018

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Gone are the days when getting soft copies of a document meant retyping the entire thing wasting time and labour. CamScanner is one of the best apps out there in the app market for scanning and digitizing documents, editing them and saving and syncing them in the format you want. It was developed in 2010 by INTSIG. 

Interface 5/5

Using CamScanner is even easier than it sounds. All you need to do is use your mobile camera scanner to scan through any hard copy – a text document, an image or a bit of both and the file will get saved in your device as a jpeg or PDF file – whatever you choose. The step by step procedure is super easy to follow and a real quick alternative for typing out a whole document or getting a digitized version of a printed photograph. Keep the old photos of your childhood safe now, and better still, with more clarity and brightness than the actual one with CamScanner’s auto enhancing image quality feature. 

Features 5/5

  • CamScanner does quick scanning and digitizing of paper documents – now all your notes, written applications, documents, and certificates can have a safe softcopy on your phone;
  • It crops out the edges of the photograph, bringing the document in focus and shape;
  • The auto enhancing feature makes the scanned file bright and clear for better view and comprehension. It fills the right colour with the right resolution in the right place;
  • The OCR feature is one of the most important. It extracts text from the scanned copy and enables further adding, deleting or editing in the new file;
  • You can also save, print, fax and share the files over social media or email and even password protect them for security reasons in case there is a confidential file;
  • Moreover, it makes sure your document is present simultaneously on all your devises activated.

Usability 4/5

CamScanner is especially useful when you are on the go, and you need to send some files urgently of which you have no soft copy with you. You can quickly scan the papers with your phone and get away with it. One more helpful ability is correcting and editing small mistakes in scanned documents which were perhaps previously overlooked. You can find any document on your CamScanner app just by typing any keyword that is there in the file name or inside the file to retrieve it. Otherwise, you can also categorise them using separate tags for each file – it will be much easier to find with them.

Compatibility 5/5

The CamScanner app is compatible with both iOS and Android. Thus it’s free version is available on both Play Store and App Store but the paid premium version comes with zero disturbance by ads, watermark-free PDF files, higher quality of scan and unlimited access to third-party cloud storage – which expires within 7 days in the free version. First, you have to get the app and then the CamScanner license – installation of the license will upgrade your app to its full version.

Bottom Line

All in all, CamScanner is a very compact, easy to manoeuvre app to make your paperwork a lot easier. Now instead of running around searching for a scanning shop to get a quick soft copy of a document, you can just get the app and get going.

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