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Call of Duty®: Mobile Review


Julie Ellis / 01 Jun 2020

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Call of Duty: Mobile is a first-person shooter focused exclusively on multiplayer. The plan for the game is extremely simple and straightforward: no campaign, no plot, a combination of the best features of numerous parts of the series, a pack of bots that make you feel like a god of shooters at the start, and a shareware distribution model.


The gameplay is almost the same as in the original PC shooter. You have a character that can be customized in appearance, perks, and weapons. Perks are unlocked as you level up, cosmetic items are given out for victories or for permanent online, and weapons are pumped from experience gained in battle. That is, if you take a machine gun and fight exclusively with it, then pretty quickly you will accumulate experience points and improve your weapon to the maximum level. With the opening of levels, weapons have additional modules that improve your shooting, increase damage and stuff like that.


Graphics are customizable. Low settings reduce heat and stress on the battery, while high settings produce a very decent picture. Although the developer's decision to disable support for the gamepad looks strange, anyone can play CoD Mobile through GameLoop right from the computer using a mouse and keyboard.

Replay Value

Naturally, if you decide to play a free game of this quality, then you should understand that money will be pulled from you. To begin with, the developer shows very nice banners offering to buy a set that will allow you to shoot more accurately or just look cooler. Next, we will be shown a battle pass, which in the free version is very poor and boring, but in the paid version, you will literally be overwhelmed with gifts, bonuses, skins and other things. In addition, there is also a weapons store, where you can buy a new barrel exclusively for the currency that is sold for real money.


It is worth saying that the developers of Call of Duty: Mobile took a rather responsible approach to create controls for their shooter - it really looks convenient, and it is comfortable to use a smartphone as the main gaming platform. You can choose the option with automatic firing, you can put the fire key on the button, you can adjust various parameters, and in the settings, there is also an advanced mode where you can calibrate a lot of ​​information - there are the reaction speed, sensor sensitivity and a bunch of ​​other switches and sliders.


This game is a vivid example that you can create cool projects, you can enjoy them, and get a lot of positive emotions from them. Yes, first you need to practice a little to start defeating opponents, but then the game will reveal itself by three hundred percent. Still, the maps, weapons and gameplay are gorgeous here, much better than any other mobile shooter at the moment. This means that fans will definitely not pass by.

Highly Rated For:

  • a balance between gameplay and pay-to-win elements;
  • multiplayer is fun to play;
  • perfectly balanced recoil;
  • high-quality sound; 
  • great animations.


  • Action

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