How to stream Xbox One games on your Android phone

2020 is quite a big year for Xbox. Not only is Microsoft going to show two new Xbox Series consoles, but also review the idea of gaming. Xbox is also developing as a service: games and accessories are heavier supported and promoted on PC. Finally, if you want to play your Xbox games on your mobile device, there’s nothing to it.

Beta Than Before

The official Android app for Xbox has been in development and inside testing for a while. But, since Monday, the app is officially available. It’s still in Beta version, but players know well that early access games are often just as playable as release versions. More than that: you can influence the way they move on.

If you install this app, you’ll be able to play Xbox One games on mobile in streaming mode. Those planning to buy Xbox Series X or S will also benefit from this app. It supports both the game you have bought and those you access via Xbox Game Pass.

How to Play Xbox Games on Mobile

What you need for Xbox One mobile gaming is the following:

  • Xbox One (or Series X/Series S as they arrive)
  • Xbox Wireless Controller
  • A phone or tablet with Android 6.0 or higher
  • Optionally – a clip for the controller
  • Xbox Beta app installed on the phone or tablet

Assuming you have at least one game on your console, you need to do the following:

  1. Run the Xbox Beta app;
  2. Follow the instructions to pair the phone (tablet) and the console;
  3. Set up the streaming between the console and the phone (tablet);
  4. Connect the gamepad to the phone;
  5. Run the game and enjoy!

It works through your local network, so the reason to play like this is a possibility to play in your bed or on the balcony, away from the actual console. It’s irreplaceable when your family members are watching the TV you have connected the console too. Via streaming, you’ll be still able to play.

As the games are actually running on the console, it requires very little space on your phone or tablet. Neither is its performance critical. What really matters is a large screen with at least HD resolution and fresh version of Bluetooth.

Please note that it takes the Xbox Beta app (updated on September 15). The Xbox app was last updated long before, and it doesn’t support streaming. This feature may remain a prerogative of Beta for long, but it should not get you confused. Players report local streaming is already quite usable; so why not try it now?

The iOS version of the app, though, does not support streaming yet. It’s not sure whether such updates are to be expected soon. Nevertheless, the iOS app in its current state lets you use your iPhone/iPad as a remote controller for the console.

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