From September 11 on, Epic Games Not Supported by Apple Sign-in

It’s hard to avoid puns when speaking of the battle between Epic Games and Apple. It’s way more stranded than Epic’s similar conflict with Google, and new consequences keep coming. Since the day after tomorrow, Epic Games accounts will not be backed by “Sign In with Apple” system.

This new restriction was initiated by Apple, dissatisfied with Epic allowing players to make payments beyond App Store. Now it withdraws its support for “Sign in with Apple” feature that was available in Epic’s apps before that feud.

The only thing left to do for players is to create new accounts that do not rely on the Cupertino company. Epic Games has released a guide on doing it. So players have two more days to keep logging in with Apple, and then need to choose another way.

The saddest thing about it is that all the progress available on the previous account will be lost. Unless, of course, transferred manually. But it will require a personal letter to Epic Games, with a lot of work to do after that. There have been millions of players using Apple’s authentication system, so transferring all their data may take ages.

Though it all started with Fortnite, this block will affect much more than it. Epic account is required to enter the Epic Store, the developer portal, other games, and more. Fortnite, nevertheless, is hit by this decision the strongest. There were 116 million accounts registered on the iOS platform (of 350M overall); those of them who used Sign in with Apple as the only authorization method will lose all their progress unless the access is restored.

It’s not clear yet if any of the sides is ready to back down; chances are neither is. The fight will go on, with more casualties. The gamers are the losing side, anyway, until the two giants find the deal out of this situation.

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