Facebook Business Suite Lets Users Manage All Their Accounts

Fcebook Business Suite Lets Users Manage All Their AccountsThis morning Facebook has released the “one app to rule them all”. With Facebook Business Suite, you can control your business accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, receive incoming messages and respond to them, update and edit statuses, create ads and control advertising plans, and do all the stuff you do to maintain your business presence.

It’s the dashboard that lets you control all your accounts and monitor the feedback. In it, you can also save standard replies to accelerate your communication. The reply base is common, it can be used in any Facebook project.

In order to benefit from FBS, your business accounts on Facebook/Messenger and Instagram should be linked. Within the app, you can create posts for Facebook and Instagram, editing each one separately instead of reposting. It’s useful if each of them requires its own links and hashtags. In addition, the app lets you schedule posts and prepare them beforehand.

It also provides access to your business stats, showing insights on the posts’ reach and engagement for every day or every post. It lets you improve your advertisement style and create more efficient ads.

The app is effectively a client for the service that is also available from any desktop browser on business.facebook.com. The app can be downloaded on App Store or Google Play; if you can’t find it, enter the same URL in a browser on your mobile device.

The projects are meant to satisfy the demands of small businesses that advertise and sell via social media. With these tools, managing small businesses gets significantly better. Facebook Business Suite is free, though advertising through it is still paid at the same rates. The next year, though, Facebook plans to introduce tools for larger businesses as well.

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