Download Games without Purchasing with the New Xbox Beta App

As Microsoft updated its Xbox Beta app a week ago, it rolled out a huge array of new features. The one that attracted the most attention was streaming games from Xbox to Android. But there was one more hidden feature that makes a gamer’s life easier. The thing is, now you can queue and download games that you have not purchased yet.

No, it does not let you play and access games for free if they are initially paid. Microsoft is not that type of company to allow that. But with this feature, players will be able to download games beforehand and buy later, not having to wait after the purchase. The game will be already on your console when you make the payment. Those with a slow Internet connection will enjoy it even more, as they have more time to install the game in advance before, not after, buying it.

Another feature that will be useful for those into physical copies is that they will be able to have the game installed even before they buy the disc. So, there will be no need to wait until after the installation is finished the game gets updated: you already have the freshest version. All you need to do is insert the disc so the system can read the license information from it.

It also lets you install the game from a disc you have bought, and then resell it and use the new license to reactivate the game. As Xbox does not see the difference between versions of the game, it will work fine.

The feature is only available within the Xbox Beta app for Android. Neither the iOS version nor the Xbox firmware itself provides this option. This is another reason to install the app, which already has enough great features, like delivering the Xbox store news, accessing your stats, chatting with Xbox friends, and so on. It also delivers notifications from your account to your device, so you can receive them even when you’re away from your console.

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