5 Small PUBG Analogs for Mobile Devices

Battle Royale is the genre that took over mobile gaming and keeps flourishing. Along with PUBG, the pioneer of the genre, there are titles like Fortnite (still here, despite Epic vs. Apple), Garena Free Fire, or the record-breaking Call of Duty: Mobile. Still, these PUBG Mobile alternatives, spectacular, popular and great as they are, are not for everyone. With their impressive visuals and high requirements, they will not run properly on weaker low-end or old devices.

It’s no surprise, though, that there are other developers that turn their face towards the audience interested in smaller games with just as great gameplay. Here is the list of games like PUBG Mobile for Android that will take much less space and at the same time deliver lots of good time. All of them are around 100 MB, and they all run well on Android 4.1 or higher.

Survival Battleground Free Fire

Even the name looks like a homage to Garena. Effectively, it’s an average Battle Royale on the low, featuring its elements like the arena players deploy to, weapons they pick during the combat, real-time body count, and stuff. Control elements are surprisingly (indeed, not) Fortnite-like.

Despite its low size (just 89 MB), the game looks better than one might expect (maybe because more is downloaded from the cloud). In addition to regular combat mode, there are also zombies and a level where you act as a sniper. You may like this game a lot if you don’t condemn it for being too secondary.


Secondary from its very name, PxUBG looks like it’s extracted from Roblox. Square visuals in a 3D space, funny sounds, and a very serious multiplayer gameplay are the features typical for this sort of game, and PxUBG is decent enough to attract over 50M players. The gameplay is a classical battle royale with many in, one out, and a storm driving everyone closer.

As for its size, it’s just slightly above 100 MB, making little difference. It’s in full 3D, though, with quite various biomes and landscapes and physics that make the gameplay fun. Well, this mobile game, like PUBG copies its acronym, but not its appearance.

Stickman Battle Royale

This one is original from the beginning. It features stick figures instead of anthropomorphic soldiers, but the battle between them is just as fierce, fast-paced, strained and action-packed. You might think it’s a joke, but no: the developers invested into gameplay heavily. In addition, it’s extremely small due to its 2D-ish style.

Bullet League

That’s another one in 2D, offering quite an unusual combination of a good old platformer and a modern Battle Royale game. This combination looks retrofuturistic – as if games like Contra or Techno Cop embraced online multiplayer and BR, bet kept the same 2D approach. And yes, it features enough weapons and hideaways to use with 30 various characters and lots of weapons and upgrades. Its size is a little above 120 MB, but that’s pretty hard too.

Mad GunZ

Finally, if you like Fortnite for its building features, Mad GunZ will be your favorite on the list. This game takes elements from both Battle Royale games and sandboxes like Minecraft, taking tough action into a bricky environment. And yes, it features a pickaxe that appears in both prototypes. Maybe it’s the best PUBG alternative on low-end phones.

Which is your favorite Battle Royale for Android? Is it as moderate in its requirements or requires more powerful hardware? Is it a classical BR, or one with a twist? What do you like about it? Drop some names in comments, and maybe you’ll make other readers’ lives better!

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