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Among Us Review


Julie Ellis / 09 Feb 2021

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Among Us is a multiplayer game released in 2018 by InnerSloth. It took this project two years to become famous and popular all over the world. But now, according to various estimates, more than 500 million gamers play it.


The gameplay repeats the classic Mafia idea, where a group of players had to find killers. Only now has the scene moved into space. You find yourself on a spaceship, where participants should perform assigned tasks. Up to 10 people can take part in a match, each of whom gets a random role before starting a session. You can be an ordinary crew member or become a traitor who should kill other players and commit sabotage. The game ends when one of the teams completes all tasks. If you're lucky enough, you can spot the killers and throw them into outer space before they finish their job.


Among Us has some pretty primitive graphics as it was originally released for Android smartphones. Armless little characters in colored spacesuits run across the pseudo-3D world and solve easy puzzles. But there are impressive bloody animations that accompany every murder. In many ways, this simplicity has contributed to the game's popularity since it does not have high technical requirements. The visual style is now well recognized even by those who are not familiar with this project.

Replay Value

Since you play with real people, each session is unpredictable. And if your teammates are experienced gamers, the development of the plot can take an unexpected turn. The tension persists throughout each match, and the fear that a killer is lurking behind the next turn does not diminish with the new game. So you can almost endlessly replay Among Us.


There are currently game versions for smartphones, PCs, and consoles, so you can play it using a touch screen, gamepad, keyboard with a mouse, and Joy-Con. However, touchscreen controls are the most convenient since Among Us was originally released for Android devices. You just need to use a virtual joystick and tap on the items you want to interact with.

Find Imposters Before They Find You

While the idea is not brand new, Among Us has gained its popularity for a reason. It's addictive, bright, well thought out, and fun, even if you play in a group with strangers. For the exciting gameplay, excellent mechanics, and many different settings, we give the project 10 out of 10.

Highly Rated For:

  • unique, recognizable visual style;
  • the opportunity to play on local servers;
  • lots of adjustments and customizations;
  • high level of replayability.


  • Action

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