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Amazing Frog? Review


Amy Morton / 09 Jun 2020

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Amazing Frog is a sandbox physics game where you have to play for a giant frog aiming to beat a high score. If you have long wanted to visit the world of frogs, then it's time to relax a little, because you can do it right now, you just need to download Amazing Frog. You should not waste much time and start acting, as this will allow you to achieve a favorable result.


The whole point of the game boils down to the fact that you will just have fun, create chaos and get a huge portion of pleasure. Do you want to drive a car? Please, no one will stop you. Do you want to use weapons? The main thing is to find cartridges for them. Most of the time, you will have to crash everything using your oddly-shaped frog body, which you seem to almost not control at all.


The graphics are definitely not the best feature of this game. And it is supposed to be so. For an Indie game, it is not something that makes you try it out, attracts attention, or keeps players motivated. On the other hand, such simplified graphics allow you to play this game with comfortable FPS even on weaker devices and not experience any lags or freezes. But still, some players can call the picture ugly when the cartoonish style turns into rough pixels.

Replay Value

True, the result itself may shock you a little, because now you will see a whole metropolis with frogs that will go about their business, create all sorts of atrocities and sometimes not control the actions. No need to be surprised, in modern times, such entertainment is quite normal, so you can just collect your thoughts and begin to carefully study this unusual world.
And to make it even better, you can share this experience with a friend in a cooperative mode.


The basic control is very simple as the game itself. You won’t need a lot of time to master the art of moving your frog around to achieve a high score. The only difficulty here is that frogs can only walk straight, and when they come across some obstacle, they immediately fall down. 


Amazing Frog is a nice indie game that can not offer much of a plot nor exclusive graphics but stirs the imagination of players and helps to spend time having fun in the most unusual way. It is difficult to convey in words the features of the gameplay, so it is better for you to personally study and test everything. Rest assured, the fun is guaranteed!

Highly Rated For:

  • character customization;
  • natural sound effects;
  • vast sandbox opportunities.


  • Early Access Games

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